About Me

Hi Everyone!!   Thanks you so much for taking the time to learn  more about me.  
I have been teaching for 25 years and most of  those years have been in Kindergarten in Toledo, Ohio.  Through all those years, I have seen several different curriculums and many different teaching systems, but I have learned the most from my Kinders.    Everyday in the kindergarten  classroom brings new and exciting ideas.  I am thankful for all the time that is spent in my classroom with my little ones!!  Kindergarten is where my heart is! 

I have a wonderful husband who is understanding about my crazy nights staying up late and creating activities.  He has helped me many times with creating my items because he is the artist! 
We have two BEAutiful children, Brach ( pronounced Brock)  and Brooke.  Who I am very thankful for:  They provide me with many ideas too and push me to go farther  

My Favorite things:

Food: Pizza (Who Doesn't)  
Drink:  Large UnSweet Tea at McDonald's , it's only a $1.00
TV Show:  Game of Thrones,  I Love Jon Snow

I Love My Husband...He is the backbone in our relationship! He is the driving force in getting me started on selling my ideas and worksheets.  He is always the one I go to and say can you do this for me.  Although he is always busy he takes the time to help me.  Now it is OUR job together.

He is my artist and has created all my Clip Art.  He created SQUISHIES ClipArt to go along with my ideas.  I tell him what I want and he helps create it.  We are a TEAM!

My husband: The Sculptor!

Not only is my husband my  clipart King, he is also a very talented artist!
When he is not helping me, he is working hard sculping for others
and creating great pieces of art work!   Check out his Website!

Meet the Team

  1. Ron Tiller
    Ron Tiller
    Co Owner/Artist